The POWER CHI FIT system has all the components of kinetic training that involves the muscular, skeletal and the nervous systems of the body, but it also enhances the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives as well.  We train the body and mind to find its center and balancing point.

POWER CHI FIT for life

We recognize the energy that is within and around us.

This is a universal energy that we are all a part of and it is what animates all life.


By uniting the current techniques of western fitness with the traditional and ancient knowledge of

Chinese philosophy and healing, POWER CHI FIT provides an exercise experience that is unique, challenging

and innovative.


POWER CHI FIT allows you to be proactive in your own health and well being as it carries over into all aspects of life at any age.  Having the tools to be  “Fit for life” is really about being fit and able  to call upon any tool you need for any given moment of your life.


The goal is to perform activities of daily life with proper movement and ease.


The goal isn't to succeed at exercise, it is to succeed at life





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